Creating Japan Energy

Tazue Inc. was established in April 2018 with a determination to foster Japanese artisanship on an international scale. We strive to deliver premium Japanese products worldwide using a variety of existing channels, while also creating new ones. But more than that, we also seek to foster unique product development and global collaboration by connecting visionary entrepreneurs and makers across Japan and the wider world.

Introducing Premium Japanese Products to The North American Market

We are an international team of communicators, creators, and innovators, based in both the United States and Japan. We are continually inspired by Japan and its capacity to initiate global trends that influence individuals worldwide. We search across Japan expertly produced goods from small scale makers and seek to make them accessible to American consumers. We take pride in representing only quality products made with care- but do not limit ourselves to any niche, carrying everything from artisanal crafts to unique gadgets. Tazue believes in the potential of artful objects and new experiences to expand one’s world view and change lives for the better. We offer a wide range of products and comprehensive solutions for entrepreneurs on both sides of the supply chain. Our services are tailored to your requirements.

  • Import regulations

    Expertise in importing Japanese products into the United States

  • Product Development

    Creating the right product, pricing, and packaging for your market

  • Logistics Support

    Moving goods from manufacturing to end users